Craft Your Own Festive Masterpieces with Our DIY Blank Couplet Kits for Chinese New Year!

Welcome to our product review ⁤blog ⁤post! Today, we are excited to share our first-hand experience with the “MasterChinese ‍DIY Blank Couplet‌ for ‌Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red⁣ Rice ⁢Paper 6×41-2 pks (10 Sets)”.

As enthusiasts of Chinese culture and traditions, we were thrilled to find a product that combines the beauty‌ of calligraphy with ⁢the excitement of Chinese ⁣New Year celebrations. This DIY blank couplet set provides the perfect canvas for expressing our creativity and adding a personal touch to our festive decorations.

One of the standout features⁤ of ​this product is its excellent quality. Made from half-done rice paper of 10000 years (Xuan paper), the couplet exudes ⁣an‌ authentic⁤ charm that truly captures the essence of Chinese calligraphy. Not only is the paper durable and long-lasting, but it also doesn’t discolor, ensuring that‍ our ⁤decorations stay vibrant and eye-catching throughout the New Year festivities.

The size of the couplet ‍is perfect for our needs. ‍With dimensions of 17×104 cm (6×41″) for⁤ the left and⁣ right sections, and⁣ 17×70 ‌cm (6×27.6″) for the top section, it offers ample space for seven vertical characters. We were pleased to see that the size was accurately represented in the product photos, allowing us to easily compare it to a CD.

The⁤ fact that this couplet⁢ set comes as a DIY​ blank version‌ adds an ​extra layer of excitement to our calligraphy endeavors. We get to bring our creative visions to life by writing our own⁢ meaningful couplings on⁤ the⁢ rice paper. This not only allows for a unique and personalized touch, but it also provides a wonderful opportunity to practice⁢ and ​showcase our calligraphy skills.

Overall, the “MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year ​Party​ Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper 6×41-2 pks ⁣(10 Sets)” has exceeded our expectations in terms​ of quality, size, and creative potential. If you’re looking to enhance your Chinese New Year decorations with a touch of calligraphy, we highly recommend this product. Stay​ tuned ⁣for more product reviews​ from us!

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The MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for ⁢Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper is an essential accessory for any Chinese‍ New Year celebration. This ​product includes 10 sets of rice paper for the left, right, and top sections of the couplet, providing⁤ ample materials for ⁣creating 7 vertical characters.

With dimensions of ​17×104 cm (6×41″) for the left and right sections and 17x70cm ‌(6×27.6″) for the top section, this rice paper is perfectly sized for crafting beautiful couplets. Made from​ Xuan paper, a high-quality type of rice paper that has been used for over 10,000 ​years, this product ensures excellent quality and durability. Additionally, the rice paper⁢ does not discolor over time, guaranteeing that your couplets will remain vibrant throughout the ‌Chinese New Year festivities.

Get your MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet ⁤now and add a touch of elegance to your Chinese New Year celebration!

Features and Highlights

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In this‍ section, we will highlight some of the key features of the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New⁣ Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper.

  1. DIY Blank Version: Unlike pre-written couplets, this product offers a creative and ⁣personalized touch as ‌it is a blank version that​ allows you to write your own calligraphy on it. This gives you the freedom to express your artistic skills and create unique ‍couplets for your Chinese New Year celebrations.

  2. Excellent​ Quality: The rice paper used in this product⁤ is of exceptional quality. Made from half done‍ rice paper of 10000 years (Xuan‍ paper), it ensures a smooth and elegant writing experience. The high-quality​ material also ⁣guarantees that the couplets won’t easily tear or become damaged, ​allowing you to display them proudly throughout the ‌festive season.

  3. Doesn’t Discolor: One of the standout features of this product is its ability⁣ to retain⁢ its vibrant red color without any‍ discoloration. This ensures that the couplets will maintain their visual appeal and continue⁢ to enhance ⁣the festive atmosphere of your Chinese New Year party for years to come.

With 10 sets included, you’ll have everything you​ need for creating stunning couplets. The sets are specifically designed for the left, right, and top sections⁢ of the couplets, perfectly fitting‌ the dimensions of 17×104 cm (6×41″)‌ for ⁣the left and right, and 17x70cm (6×27.6″)⁤ for the ⁤top. Please ⁢note that the CD shown in the product photo is for size comparison purposes only and is not included ‌in the package.

If you’re looking to add a touch of traditional Chinese calligraphy to your Chinese New⁣ Year celebrations, the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper is the perfect choice. Click here to get yours now!

In-Depth Analysis and Recommendations

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When it comes to celebrating the Chinese New Year‍ party, the MasterChinese DIY Blank ‍Couplet for Chinese New Year Party ​Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper ⁣is⁣ a⁤ must-have for adding a touch of traditional⁤ elegance. This set includes 10 sets for the left, right, and top, allowing⁤ for a total of 7 vertical characters to be ​displayed. The ⁣size ‍of each paper is 17×104 cm (6×41”) for the left and right, and 17x70cm (6×27.6″) for the top.

What sets this product apart is its DIY blank version, which gives you the‍ creative freedom to write your own messages or calligraphy on the stunning red rice paper.‌ Made from high-quality half-done rice paper that has a ⁣history of over 10,000 years (Xuan paper), this product boasts excellent quality and durability. Plus, it doesn’t discolor ‌over time, ⁤ensuring that your festive decorations stay vibrant and eye-catching all throughout the Chinese ​New Year celebrations.

To fully immerse you in the beauty‌ of this product, ‌we have provided a size comparison photo​ with a CD (not included). This helps you visualize the dimensions‍ of‌ the paper and plan your calligraphy accordingly. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced calligrapher, the MasterChinese DIY‍ Blank Couplet is the perfect canvas to showcase your artistic‌ skills ‍and create stunning decorations for your Chinese New Year party. To get your hands‌ on this exquisite product, click here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We value our customers’ feedback and have compiled some reviews for our DIY ⁢Blank Couplet Kits ‌for Chinese New Year. Here’s what our customers have to say:

<table class="wp-block-table is-style-stripes">
<td>Big and thick enough. Comfortable to write. but I should order the smaller size. Anyway, recommend!</td>
<td>These papers are beautiful! So beautiful, we decided not to use them for this year's Chinese New Year's calligraphy practice, and used cheaper red rice papers instead. We will save them for display use next year, once we are more confident in our calligraphy skills.</td>
<td>We bought several different types of couplet paper for Chinese New Year, these were the most difficult to write on. Calligraphy ink does not adhere well on it.</td>
<td>The paper handled ink well. seemed it that was good quality sized Xuan. the alignment of pattern was perfect. But odor was a very strong solvent type smell. Can not recommend this because of odor. Have fans running on it after doing New Years brushwork. Hope smell dissipates.</td>
<td>Used this in an elementary school class Chinese New Year party to make chun lian (spring couplets). The paper is a good strength (thicker than tissue paper) and the calligraphy ink we used didn't leak through.</td>
<td>These are very good quality and great for traditional Chinese calligraphy. We used them for Chinese New Year decorations.</td>
<td>Nice product.</td>
<td>I don't know what kind of paper it is but it seems like sized Xuan paper. The color is a deep bright red, as expected. The gold shows through when you write on it, and the circular patterns help you align characters. Most importantly, though, I'm glad this is available here on Amazon and Prime eligible. I had such a hard time finding red paper like this. <strong>UPDATE 2018/1/11:</strong> I ordered some more. Of three packages, two of them had very misaligned gold printing. The third was also misaligned, but was at least presentable. I've attached a photo.</td>

<p>After analyzing the customer reviews, we found the following key points:</p>

<li><strong>Size Preference:</strong> One customer mentioned that they should have ordered a smaller size. It's important to consider the size according to your preferences or requirements.</li>
<li><strong>Beautiful Design:</strong> The papers received high praise for their beauty. Some customers even decided to save them for display purposes instead of using them for calligraphy practice.</li>
<li><strong>Writing Difficulty:</strong> A few customers found these papers difficult to write on, as calligraphy ink did not adhere well. This might be a consideration for those looking for easier writing experiences.</li>
<li><strong>Odor Issue:</strong> One customer reported a strong solvent-like smell, discouraging them from recommending the product. It's important to note that the odor might dissipate over time.</li>
<li><strong>Good Quality:</strong> Customers mentioned that the paper was good quality, with proper ink handling and alignment of patterns.</li>
<li><strong>Versatility:</strong> Customers found these papers suitable for various uses, such as Chinese New Year decorations, chun lian making, and traditional Chinese calligraphy.</li>
<li><strong>Availability:</strong> Customers appreciated the availability of these papers on Amazon and being Prime eligible, making it convenient for purchase.</li>

<p>While most customers rated our DIY Blank Couplet Kits positively, it's important to consider individual preferences and specific requirements for an optimal purchasing decision.</p>

Pros & Cons

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Pros ‍& Cons


  • High-quality Xuan paper: Our DIY blank couplet kits are made ⁢from Xuan paper, also known as​ half-done rice paper, which has a history of 10,000 years. This ensures excellent quality and durability.
  • Easy customization: With the DIY⁢ blank version, you have the freedom to write your own calligraphy on⁤ the couplets, allowing for personalized and creative⁤ festive decorations.
  • Large size:⁢ Each ⁢set includes left, right, and top couplets, giving you a total of 10 sets that can be used to compose 7 vertical characters. ‍The dimensions of the left and right couplets are 17×104 ‍cm (6×41”), while the ‌top couplet measures 17x70cm (6×27.6″), providing ample space for artistic expression.
  • Perfect for Chinese New Year: These couplet kits are specifically ​designed for the Chinese New Year celebration, making them a great addition to⁢ your festive ⁤decorations. ⁣They add a touch of tradition⁣ and elegance to your home ‍or‍ party venue.


  • Requires calligraphy skills: As the couplets are DIY blank versions, you need to have some calligraphy skills or know⁣ someone who can‌ write on them ⁢for you. This may be‌ challenging for⁢ those⁣ who are not familiar with Chinese calligraphy.
  • No CD included: The product description mentions a size comparison with a CD, but please note that the CD is not included​ in the kit.


Craft Your Own Festive Masterpieces with Our DIY Blank Couplet Kits for Chinese New Year!插图5
Q: Can you tell ⁤me more about the DIY Blank Couplet kits for‍ Chinese New Year?

A: ⁣Absolutely! Our DIY Blank Couplet kits are perfect ‍for anyone⁣ who wants to add a personal touch to ⁤their ⁣Chinese New Year decorations. These kits provide you ⁤with everything you need to create your own festive masterpieces.

Q: What are ‍the dimensions⁤ of the DIY Blank Couplet kits?

A: The ‍left and right sections of the ​coupler ⁤measure 17×104 cm (6×41″), while the​ top section measures 17×70 cm (6×27.6″). We have included‍ a⁤ photo for size comparison, with a CD (not included) to give you a better idea of the dimensions.

Q: Are these kits pre-made or‍ do I have to ‌write‌ on them?

A: These kits come‌ in a DIY blank ‌version, meaning they are not pre-made with calligraphy. ‌You ⁤have the opportunity to ⁣write your own messages, blessings, or wishes on the rice paper. This adds a⁤ personal touch to your festive decorations.

Q: What is the quality of the rice paper used ⁢in these kits?

A: We take ⁢pride in offering excellent quality products, ⁤and these DIY Blank Couplet kits are no exception. ​The rice paper used is half done rice paper of 10000 years, also known as Xuan paper.​ This type of paper is traditionally used for calligraphy and is known for its ⁣durability ⁣and smooth texture, making it perfect for creating beautiful artworks.

Q: Will the rice paper discolor over time?

A: No, the rice paper used in these kits does not discolor ‍over time. You can be⁤ confident that your DIY couplers will maintain their vibrant ⁣colors and⁣ continue ⁢to brighten⁤ up your Chinese ‌New Year⁢ celebrations for ⁢years to come.

Q: How many ​sets are included in each DIY Blank Couplet kit?

A: Each kit includes 10 sets, providing you with enough material to create left, right, and top sections for 7 vertical characters. This allows you to decorate your home ‍or event space ‍with multiple couplets, ⁢adding to the festive ‌atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

Remember, creating your own‍ festive masterpieces with our DIY Blank Couplet kits is a fun and creative way to celebrate Chinese New Year. Add your personal touch and make this holiday truly special ‍with ⁣these high-quality, durable rice ‌paper couplers.

Transform Your World

Craft Your Own Festive Masterpieces with Our DIY Blank Couplet Kits for Chinese New Year!插图6
Thank ​you for joining us on this exciting⁢ journey as we explored the ‌incredible MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet Kits for Chinese New Year! ⁤We hope this review has provided you with all the information you need to craft your own ⁢festive masterpieces ⁣and celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year in ⁢style.

These DIY Blank Couplet Kits are truly a must-have for anyone⁤ looking to add a personal touch‍ to ​their New Year celebrations. With their excellent quality and half-done rice paper of 10000 years (Xuan paper), you⁣ can be assured that your couplings will not only look stunning but also stand the test of ⁣time.

We ​are thrilled to offer you 10 sets of left, right, and top couplings, providing you with everything you need to create ‌beautiful vertical characters. The dimensions of these couplings are as follows: Left, ⁣Right: 17×104 cm (6×41”), Top: 17x70cm (6×27.6”). Just imagine the incredible impact these vibrant red rice paper couplings will have when displayed ‌in your home!

One of the highlights of these DIY Blank Couplet Kits ⁤is the opportunity for personalization. With the blank version, you have the freedom ⁤to write your own meaningful messages, ⁣wishes, or blessings on ‍these beautifully crafted couplings. Let your creativity soar and make this Chinese New Year truly special‌ and personal for you and your loved ones.

To make your purchase, click on the link below to be directed to our product page on Amazon. There you’ll find all the details and be able to place your order securely. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to bring a touch of Chinese culture and tradition into your home!

Click here to craft your own festive ​masterpieces with our DIY Blank Couplet Kits for Chinese New Year!

Thank you for choosing ‍MasterChinese and allowing us to be ‍a part of your​ Chinese New Year celebrations. May⁤ this festive season be filled ‌with luck, happiness, and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Happy New Year!

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