Stylish Knee High Dance Boots for Women – Anufer Canvas Boots Review

Welcome ‌to our product review blog post, where we will be discussing the ANUFER Women ‌Fashion Canvas Dance Boots Knee High Bicycling‌ Boots Girls Fancy ⁣School Shoes. We have personally had the opportunity to⁤ try out ‍this unique and stylish footwear, and we ⁤are eager to share‌ our first-hand experience with you.

The ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots​ are designed with various options, including⁤ different heel types,⁣ to cater ⁤to your specific preferences and occasions. It’s​ important​ to‍ note that the size⁢ fit ⁢runs slightly⁤ small⁤ above ‌US7/EU37.5, so if ⁤you have wider feet or muscular legs, we recommend choosing a larger size.

One of ‌the standout ⁢features​ of these⁣ boots is the Wedge Heel design, which adds ⁣4 cm to your height and lengthens‍ your legs, giving you‌ a taller and slimmer⁣ appearance. However, it’s worth mentioning that if your legs and feet are​ very slim, you may need to size⁤ down when opting for the wedge heel.

The shaft height of the boots varies⁢ slightly with different ​sizes, ensuring a ⁢comfortable⁣ fit for every wearer. Additionally, ⁣the boots offer ‌various design options, such as plain, ⁤eyelets, lacetrim, rivets, zipper, and shoelaces, allowing you to find the style that suits you best.

When ⁤it comes to wearing these boots, one must simply ⁤pull down the zipper, slip their feet in, adjust the shoelaces for a perfect fit, ‍and then zip up. It’s important to avoid ‍using force ⁤when handling ‌the zipper to prevent any damages.

To ⁤add some extra flair,‍ these boots come​ with colorful shoelaces.⁤ With ‍four pairs‌ available, including one‌ matching the boots and three random colors, you have plenty of options to ‍customize your look. Additionally, you have the opportunity⁤ to purchase extra shoelaces separately at ⁢the same shipping⁤ cost.

Apart from the fashionable appeal, these boots ​offer versatility in their ‌use. They can be the perfect addition⁣ to your Halloween costume, allowing you to cosplay characters like Chun Li. They can ⁤also serve⁤ as cheerleader boots ‍or ‌school uniform boots, adding a cute and lively ⁣touch to your outfit. If you’re artistic,⁣ these boots can even become a canvas ​for your creative‌ skills, as⁢ you can paint them with different styles or decorate‌ them with rhinestones and‍ sequins to⁤ create dreamlike princess shoes.

In summary, the ⁣ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas⁤ Dance⁢ Boots Knee⁣ High⁢ Bicycling Boots Girls Fancy School Shoes provide style, versatility, and comfort. With various design options​ to choose from, ⁤personalized ​fitting tips, and multi-use applications, these boots are certainly worth considering for your ​next⁣ fashion statement. Stay tuned ‍as we ⁢delve further ‍into our ⁤detailed review of this ⁢product.

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Overview of the ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots ‍Knee ⁤High ⁢Bicycling Boots Girls Fancy School‍ Shoes

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We ‌are excited to share our review of the ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas⁢ Dance Boots Knee ‍High Bicycling Boots Girls Fancy School Shoes. ‍These boots are perfect for those looking for ⁤a stylish and versatile option for special occasions. With various designs available and the option of two different heel​ types, these boots can ⁢meet your specific needs.

The wedge heel design adds height and lengthens your ‌legs, giving you a taller ⁢and slimmer⁣ look. However, ⁢please ⁣note‌ that if you have slim legs and‌ feet, you‌ may need to size down on‌ the wedge heel. The boots come with a zipper and shoelaces, allowing for easy wearing ‍and adjusting to your‌ best fit. Make sure to follow the correct way of wearing them ⁤by pulling down ⁤the zipper, letting your feet in, ‌adjusting the shoelaces, and ‍then zip ‌up.

These boots also offer multi-use options, making ‌them a great ⁢addition to your wardrobe. They can be used ‌as‍ part of a Halloween costume to cosplay popular⁢ characters ‍like Chun⁤ Li. ⁢Additionally, they can be worn as cheerleader boots or as part of a school ⁣uniform for⁢ a cute and lively look. If you have a ⁤creative side, these boots are perfect for ⁤painting and showing off your artistic skills. You can customize⁤ them into different styles just by adding some creative​ drawings. And for those who love a touch of sparkle, you can use rhinestones ​or‌ sequins to DIY and create your dreamlike princess shoes!

The ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots Knee High Bicycling Boots Girls Fancy⁣ School Shoes are truly versatile and offer endless ​possibilities. Don’t miss out on ‌the chance to add⁢ these stylish boots to⁢ your collection. Click here to purchase them now!

Specific Features‍ and Aspects of ⁢the ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance‍ Boots Knee High ⁣Bicycling Boots Girls Fancy School Shoes

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When it comes to the ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots, there are several features ⁢and‌ aspects that set them‍ apart. Let’s dive into what ⁣makes these boots unique and worth considering.

  1. Various Designs: These boots offer a ‌range of design options to suit your personal⁤ style. You can choose from ‍plain, eyelets, lacetrim, ‍rivets,‌ zipper, or a ​combination of shoelaces. With so many choices, you’re sure to find a design that​ matches your taste and ‍preferences.

  2. Wedge Heel Design: ⁤The 4 cm wedge heel not only adds height but also lengthens ⁤your ⁤legs, giving you a taller and slimmer appearance. It’s​ the perfect addition for ‌those seeking a subtle boost in height. However, if you have slim legs and‍ feet, you may want​ to consider sizing down for ⁢a ​better fit.

  3. Multi-Use: These boots​ are incredibly versatile. ⁢They can be used for‍ cosplay, making them ideal for creating‍ costumes inspired by your favorite⁢ characters, like Chun Li. They can also be worn as cheerleader boots or school uniform boots, adding a touch of cuteness and liveliness to your outfits. Additionally, if you have a knack for painting, these ‍boots can serve as a canvas for your⁣ creativity,⁢ allowing you to transform⁢ them into unique pieces of art. And if you love all things bling, consider using rhinestones⁢ or​ sequins to⁢ DIY a pair of dreamlike princess shoes.

With their unique designs, wedge heel option, ‍and multi-use possibilities, the ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots​ Knee High Bicycling Boots ⁢Girls Fancy School Shoes⁢ are a fantastic ​choice​ for‍ those looking to make a statement. Don’t ⁢miss out on the opportunity to add these boots ⁢to your collection. Visit our website ‍to get your pair ⁤today!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations for the⁤ ANUFER⁢ Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots Knee High Bicycling Boots⁣ Girls Fancy‌ School‌ Shoes

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Detailed Insights and Recommendations:

When ⁤it comes to the ANUFER Women Fashion⁣ Canvas Dance Boots Knee⁣ High Bicycling⁢ Boots, we were impressed with the⁣ various design options available. ‌With choices such ​as plain, eyelets,⁤ lacetrim,⁢ rivets, zipper + shoelaces, there is something to suit every style ‍preference.‌ The ​inclusion of the colorful shoelaces adds ​a‍ fun and playful touch to these boots. You will ⁣receive ​four pairs of ​shoelaces, with ‍one pair‍ matching the color of the boots and the other three⁣ colors ⁢being sent at random.‌ This allows for ⁢customization and the ability to change up the look of your boots ​whenever you ​feel like it.

One of the standout features of these boots ​is the wedge heel ⁣design. With a 4 cm heel height, these ⁤boots not only ‌add some ⁤extra height but also help ⁣to⁤ lengthen your ⁢legs,⁤ giving the‌ illusion of a taller and slimmer physique. However,⁤ it’s ⁢important‍ to note⁤ that if you have slim legs ‍and feet, you may need to size down when opting for the‌ wedge heel. The boots are versatile in their use, making ⁤them perfect for various occasions. Whether you’re looking ​for the ideal Halloween​ costume accessory, cheerleader boots, school ⁤uniform boots,⁢ or ⁤even a ⁤canvas for your creativity, these boots ​have got you covered. ‍If you have a knack for painting, you can transform these boots into different styles by adding⁣ some⁣ creative drawings. Alternatively, if you love sparkly accents, you‍ can use ‍rhinestones ⁣or sequins⁢ to create your⁢ own dreamlike princess shoes.

Overall, the ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas⁣ Dance ⁤Boots Knee High Bicycling‌ Boots are a‍ stylish and versatile choice for those ⁤looking for⁢ unique ⁢footwear options. With various ⁣designs to choose from, colorful shoelaces for customization, and a comfortable wedge heel, these​ boots ⁤offer ‍both style and‌ functionality. ⁢So ⁤why wait? Elevate​ your outfit and express your creativity by getting your very own pair of ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots⁣ Knee High Bicycling Boots. ‍Click here to check them out​ on Amazon⁢ and make ‌a fashionable statement.⁣

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots Knee High Bicycling Boots Girls Fancy School⁢ Shoes, we found ⁣a mix of positive and negative feedback regarding different⁤ aspects ⁢of the product. Here are ⁤the key points that emerged from our analysis:

Review Rating
I bought these for my daughter​ for Christmas. They are super cute and⁢ come ​with different colored laces‌ you can use and change when⁣ you want. She ⁤just loves ⁤these. They are good quality and holding ⁣up nice to kid wear. The price is​ good too. 5/5
These fit perfectly (I’m a size ​US9).‍ I have ​toned calves, so they ⁤are a bit bigger than normal, and it was totally fine in my case. Would buy again, super cute!!!! Perfect for your fellow emos!!! 5/5
Surprisingly, it became slightly uncomfortable towards the‍ end of the day. I’m used to wearing ⁢heels, and the wedge isn’t even noticeable enough to have caused the discomfort. Very pretty though. I kept them. 3/5
These‌ boots were decent, but​ not​ made very well. ⁣Very thin material. 2/5
My daughter loves these shoes. She gets compliments on them constantly. Love how⁤ they come with several different colored ⁣laces and has a zipper on ⁤the‍ side for ⁣easy removal and putting them on. ⁣True to size chart,​ durable and comfortable. Just like the real​ converse, 10/10 5/5
Tried to buy a pair of tall canvas shoes second hand ⁤to save some money, but​ it ended up being a reseller nightmare. Come⁢ to find out⁤ these do the job great and for⁤ a good price. Although I do wish they were a bit taller and came with ⁤white shoelaces,​ they’re super solid. 4/5
I’m not sure why the tennis came folded‌ down because the wrinkle is still there. The lace is extremely long and ‍loose. When I‌ tried them‍ on, there is a gap at ‌the bottom ⁢of ⁢the tongue of the shoe. I’m trying to figure out how to close‍ the gap. I haven’t worn the shoes yet due to the gap. I’m not sure if I will return them. 2/5
These ⁢shoes are ‍absolutely amazing!!⁢ There are a lot of complaints about bigger calves, but honestly they’re ‌so​ great for me. I have EXTREMELY large/thick calves, and they fit‌ great. You have to ⁤lace them up while they’re on⁣ you so ‍they fit!! They ​come with‌ extra colored laces, and they’re beautiful. They’re so comfy and⁤ yes, the back does kinda fold near the heel, ‌but with longer‍ and thicker socks it doesn’t bother you at all!! 5/5
Son bellísimas, tiene algunas imperfecciones de costura dentro de‌ la bota,⁣ pero están demasiado cómodas… al momento de quitármelas ​tronó un​ poquito por lo que recomiendo aflojar ​bien las agujetas antes de desabrochar la ‍cremallera, buen‌ producto, buen⁤ envío, buen ‍servicio👏 5/5
Had these for a few ⁣months now ‍and⁢ I think it’s time to ‌review them. For sure not THE best canvas fabric ever, but it’s still quite good for the price, and the ⁣shoes look sick af too. You​ could probably order your normal size ‌in​ converse for‌ these, but I ordered half a size up and they fit great. If‌ you ‌have larger calves, these shoes might not ⁣be‍ for you, but they are adjustable because of the laces, so for the majority of people, it shouldn’t be an issue. 4/5
These are so comfortable! Tight the first couple of wears,⁣ but⁣ so comfy once they’re broken in. They also came with⁣ four or five pairs​ of colored laces, so you can change ‍it up to suit your mood. I‌ had to get a second pair – ⁢I like them ⁤that⁤ much! I got a different style -‍ riveted and black for the second pair – white‍ lace for the first… I can’t ‌wait till they get here… soon, I hope…‍ first pair came early, I’m hoping the second will as well. 5/5
Such great boots! Getting loads of ⁣compliments, pretty good quality for the price too. 5/5
Mi pie es delgado pedí un número 4, me quedó un poco grande. Yo⁤ normalmente uso 3.5 en⁣ tenis, pero temí que viniera ‌reducido y no le‌ quedará, por eso pedí 4. ⁣Pero nada‌ que no se ‌solucione con unas plantillas, me encantó totalmente‌ el producto‌ además me tocaron ⁤bonitos colores de agujetas ⁣de regalo, creo⁢ que me‌ faltaron las blancas así que las pediré extra. La entrega fue súper⁢ rápida solo tardó 2‍ días a Culiacán, Sinaloa. Excelente.🥰 5/5

From the customer reviews, we ‌can​ deduce the​ following:

  • Customers appreciate‌ the appearance ⁢of the boots, with several compliments about⁣ them being super​ cute and receiving⁢ compliments from others.
  • The inclusion of‍ different colored ⁤laces and‌ a side‍ zipper‍ for easy wearing have been⁢ positively mentioned.
  • There are mixed⁤ opinions about the comfort of the boots. Some find‍ them comfortable, while others experienced discomfort, especially towards the‌ end of the day.
  • Several customers‍ have ​mentioned that the boots are ‍true to size and durable.
  • One common complaint is ‍that the boots are made of thin⁤ material, ⁤which ‌affects their perceived quality.
  • Adjustability for larger calves is ‌mentioned positively in some reviews, while others found issues with fit and gaps at the bottom of⁢ the tongue.
  • International customers ​have expressed satisfaction with the⁣ product ⁤and ‌its delivery.

Overall,⁤ the ANUFER Women‍ Fashion ​Canvas Dance Boots Knee⁤ High Bicycling Boots Girls Fancy School Shoes have received ⁤generally‌ positive ​reviews, with the majority of customers appreciating their style and features. ⁣However, there are some concerns regarding comfort and material quality ⁢that‍ customers should consider before purchasing.

Pros & Cons

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  1. The boots are available in ⁢various designs, offering‍ options to⁤ suit different preferences.
  2. The wedge heel design⁢ adds ‍height,⁤ elongates the ⁤legs, and creates a slimmer appearance.
  3. The boots can be used for special occasions, cosplay, cheerleading, school uniforms, or painting, allowing for​ versatile use.
  4. Colorful shoelaces are included, providing customization and variety.
  5. The boots are suitable for Halloween costumes or cosplay, enabling users to ‌dress up as cartoon or game characters ​like Chun Li.
  6. The boots can be personalized​ with⁤ creative drawings, making them a canvas for ⁤displaying artistic skills.
  7. Rhinestones or sequins‍ can ‌be added to the boots for a sparkling and dreamy princess shoe ⁢effect.
  8. The boots are available in ⁣different sizes to accommodate ‌varied foot dimensions.


  1. The size⁢ fit ‍runs slightly small above⁢ US7/EU37.5, so customers with wide feet or​ muscular ​legs may need to choose a bigger ​size.
  2. The zipper may get stuck and require wax or trimming of⁣ excessive inner fabric to ensure smooth operation.
  3. The shaft height varies ‍depending on the size, so it ⁣may require consideration when selecting the right fit.
  4. For individuals with very slim legs and feet, sizing down may‍ be necessary ⁣when opting for‌ the wedge heel.

Overall, the ANUFER Women Fashion Canvas Dance Boots Knee High​ Bicycling Boots ⁣Girls Fancy School Shoes offer a stylish and versatile‌ option for women. They provide various design choices, a height-boosting wedge heel, and the​ ability to customize the boots for different purposes​ such as⁤ cosplay or painting. While there are some sizing ⁣considerations and potential zipper issues, the overall functionality and‌ aesthetic ⁤appeal make these knee-high boots a worthy addition to ⁢any wardrobe.


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Q&A Section

Q: Are these knee high dance boots suitable for everyday wear?
A: While these knee high dance boots are designed primarily for dancing ⁤and special occasions, they can‌ also​ be worn for everyday‌ activities. They are stylish and‌ versatile, so you ⁢can‍ easily incorporate⁤ them into‍ your regular wardrobe.

Q: Can I wear these boots if I have wide ⁢feet or muscular legs?
A: Yes, you‍ can ⁤still wear these boots ⁤if you have wide feet or muscular legs. However,‍ please note ⁤that the size fit is ​slightly small above US7/EU37.5, so it’s recommended to choose a bigger size if you have wide feet or muscular legs for a⁢ more comfortable fit.

Q: Can these boots ‌make⁤ me look taller and slimmer?
A: Yes,⁢ these boots are designed ⁤with⁣ a wedge heel (4 cm) that ⁢can⁢ add ‌height and lengthen your legs, making you look taller and slimmer. However, if your legs and feet are very slim, you might need to size down on the wedge heel ​for a better fit.

Q: ‌How ⁢do I properly ‌wear these knee high ‌dance boots?
A: To properly wear these boots, start by pulling down the zipper and slide your feet in.‍ Adjust the shoelaces to your best fit and then zip up.⁣ It’s important to note that if the zipper ⁤is stuck, you can use wax to make⁢ it smooth or cut the excessive inner ⁣fabric. Never ‌pull the zipper‍ by​ force to avoid damage.

Q: Do these boots⁣ come with colorful shoelaces?
A: Yes, ⁢you will ⁣receive four pairs of shoelaces with these boots. One pair will ⁣be ⁤the same color as⁤ the boots (3 ⁤meters long), and the other three​ colors will be sent at random ⁢(3.7 meters long). You can also purchase additional ⁤shoelaces separately,​ and the shipping‌ cost is the same for‌ each set ‌of four pairs.

Q:‍ Can these boots⁢ be used for cosplay or Halloween ​costumes?
A: Absolutely! ⁤These knee high dance‌ boots ⁣are perfect for cosplay or⁣ Halloween costumes. Whether you want⁣ to cosplay as your favorite cartoon or game character, or dress ⁤up for Halloween, these boots ​will add an extra touch of style to your costume.

Q: Can ⁤I use these boots as cheerleader or school uniform⁤ boots?
A:‌ Yes, ⁢these‌ boots can ​be used as cheerleader boots or⁢ school uniform boots. They are cute and lively,‍ adding a touch ​of style to ⁣any cheerleading or school-related outfit.

Q: Can ⁤I customize or personalize these boots?
A: Certainly! If you have painting skills, you can transform these boots into different styles by adding your creative drawings. ⁢If you prefer a bling bling look, you‌ can even decorate them‍ with rhinestones or sequins to create‌ your dreamlike princess shoes.

Q: ⁣Are ⁤these boots ⁣available in different designs?
A: Yes, ⁣these knee high dance boots come in⁢ various designs to suit your preferences. You ⁢can choose from⁤ plain,⁤ eyelets, lacetrim, rivets, or zipper +⁣ shoelaces designs, depending on⁤ your personal style.

Q: What are the measurements for these boots?
A: The shaft height of these boots varies slightly​ with different sizes. ⁣Here⁣ are the measurements:

  • US4.5/EU35–US5.5/EU36: 31 cm
  • US6.5/EU37–US7.5/EU38: 33 ‍cm
  • US8/EU38.5–US8.5/EU39: 34 cm
  • US9/EU39.5: 35 cm
  • US9.5/EU40: 36 cm
    Please also note that ⁤the ⁤shoes’ width measures 9-9.5 ​cm, and⁢ the ​platform height is 3 cm.

    Reveal the Extraordinary

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    In conclusion, the ANUFER​ Women Fashion Canvas⁣ Dance ​Boots ​Knee High Bicycling Boots ⁤are ⁢a⁣ stylish and versatile choice for women in search of fashionable footwear.⁤ With various designs available and two different ⁢heel ⁣options, these boots can be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

It ​is important to ⁣note that the size fit ‍may be slightly small‌ above US7/EU37.5, so‌ if ‍you have wide feet⁢ or muscular legs, we recommend choosing a larger size. Additionally, the wedge heel design, with a height of 4 cm, not only adds a touch of elegance ⁢but also ⁤elongates ‌your legs, ‌creating the ⁤illusion of height and a slimmer⁤ silhouette. If you opt for the wedge heel,⁤ you may even ⁣find‌ that sizing down is necessary.

The ANUFER Dance Boots also offer practical features such as a‍ zipper closure and adjustable shoelaces ⁤for a secure fit. However, it is crucial ⁣to handle the zipper⁤ with care and avoid forcing it, as this could lead to damage.

Furthermore, this product comes with four pairs of colorful shoelaces, ⁢allowing you to customize⁢ your boots and add a pop of personality.‌ Whether you are in need of ⁢a Halloween costume, cheerleader or school uniform ⁣boots, or ​a‌ canvas for painting or⁤ DIY embellishments, these versatile boots have got you covered.

To experience all the style and convenience these‌ ANUFER Dance Boots have ⁢to offer, we encourage you to check them out on Amazon by clicking ‍on the following‌ link: ⁤[[].

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