Illuminate Your Safety: FREELICHT LED Emergency Lights Review

As we all know, safety ⁣is a top ​priority in any business establishment. That’s why we ‌are excited to share‌ with you our⁤ first-hand experience‌ with ⁣the FREELICHT ⁢4 Pack LED Emergency ⁢Lights for Business.‌ These emergency lights are a game-changer ‌when ‌it comes to ensuring the safety of your employees and customers during unexpected‌ power⁢ outages or emergencies. With features ‌like adjustable LED bug ‌eye lamp heads, ⁣high-density NiCd battery backup, and UL‌ 924 certification, these lights provide reliable and bright illumination when ‌you⁢ need⁣ it the most. Join us as we dive into the details and ⁤benefits of this essential product for⁢ any‍ business setting.

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When⁤ it comes to emergency lighting, quality and reliability are essential. That’s why we trust the FREELICHT Emergency ‍Lights for Business. These lights are constructed ⁢with injection-molded housing,⁢ making ⁣them ⁤durable⁤ and resistant to impact. With a sleek white ⁣or​ black finish, they ‍seamlessly blend into any space, ensuring both style and safety.

The easy installation process of these emergency lights ⁤allows you to⁢ mount them ⁤on various surfaces, from hallways to​ warehouses. UL 924 and⁣ cUL US certified, these lights come equipped ⁣with a high-density‌ NiCd battery⁣ backup, providing ‌90 ​minutes of bright ‍lighting during power outages. Backed by a‌ 5-year warranty, you‍ can rest assured that ⁢these emergency lights will keep you ⁣safe for years to come. Don’t compromise on‍ safety ​- invest in FREELICHT Emergency Lights today!

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Key Features of FREELICHT 4 Pack LED⁤ Emergency Lights

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When it ‌comes to emergency lighting, quality and ​reliability are key, and that’s exactly what ‌you get with our FREELICHT 4 Pack LED Emergency​ Lights. These lights are⁣ designed ‍with⁢ worry-free quality ⁢in mind, featuring injection-molded housing with engineering grade materials ⁣that are flame retardant and high-impact resistant. No need to stress about using these lights in‌ any emergency situation!

Installation is a breeze‍ with these lights, as they are surface​ mountable ​and fit most standard ⁣junction boxes. ‌The adjustable LED bug ⁣eye lamp heads provide⁣ ample lighting at multiple ranges, making these lights perfect for a variety‍ of settings including hallways, doorways, businesses, schools, and more. ‌Plus, with a high-density NiCd battery backup, you can rest assured that ‌you’ll have⁢ 90 minutes​ of temporary ultra-bright lighting in ⁤the event of a power outage. Don’t ‍compromise on safety – choose FREELICHT for peace of​ mind.

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Detailed Insights into the⁤ Performance of the⁢ Emergency Lights

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Upon testing the Emergency Lights by FREELICHT, ⁢we were impressed by their performance and ​quality. The injection-molded housing with engineering grade, 5VA flame retardant, and high-impact resistance make⁢ them‍ reliable for any emergency situation. The easy installation process, surface mounting‍ capabilities, and adjustable LED‌ bug eye ‍lamp heads provide ample lighting at multiple ‍ranges.

Furthermore, the ​ Certified & Battery ​ UL 924 and cUL⁣ US certifications, high-output battery, ⁤and 90 ⁢minutes of temporary ultra-bright lighting post-power outage ensure‌ your safety in critical ⁤situations. With a 5-year warranty and excellent ⁤customer⁣ service, ‌FREELICHT proves to be a trusted ‌brand ⁢for emergency⁤ lighting solutions. For a worry-free experience during ‍emergencies, we highly ⁢recommend checking out these emergency lights on Amazon.

Specific Recommendations for Using the FREELICHT Emergency Lights

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When it comes to using the FREELICHT Emergency Lights, we⁢ have ‌some specific recommendations that can help you make⁣ the most ⁤out of this product. First and foremost,⁢ it’s important to ensure proper installation for optimal ​performance.‍ The surface mount via the easy connect back plate makes it easy to fit most standard junction boxes⁢ and snaps into place on walls, making‍ it suitable for various settings such as hallways, doorways, ⁢restaurants, business buildings, ⁢warehouses,⁣ outdoors, homes, schools,​ and ⁤garages.

Additionally, take advantage of the two adjustable ‌LED bug eye lamp heads that provide ample lighting at different ranges. This feature ‌can be⁢ a lifesaver during power ‍outages, fires, storms, or other emergencies. Also,⁢ keep in mind the⁣ high-density NiCd battery backup that offers 90⁣ minutes ‌of temporary ultra-bright lighting after ‌a power​ outage. Lastly, remember that these‍ emergency lights are UL 924 and cUL US‍ certified, ensuring ​top-notch ⁣quality and safety. With‍ a 5-year ‌warranty and our commitment to providing replacement or refund services, you can ‌trust FREELICHT for your emergency lighting needs. Ready‍ to enhance your safety and preparedness? Get‍ your FREELICHT Emergency Lights now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ⁢Analysis

Here⁣ at‍ Illuminate Your Safety,⁣ we believe in providing honest and thorough reviews to help ⁣you ‌make ⁢informed decisions about your emergency lighting needs. Let’s ​take a look⁤ at ⁢what some of our customers‌ have to say about the ​FREELICHT 4 Pack LED ​Emergency ​Lights:

Customer Review Rating
“When the lights first arrived I was unsure how to connect ‍them. I asked customer service for some help. They‌ sent a video which was extremely helpful. The lights‌ are now connected and working flawlessly. I would‌ purchase these again from this ‌company.” 5/5
“Excellent value for the 4 pack. Units are easily ⁣installed by removing the back‌ and punching out the knock outs corresponding‍ to⁢ your electrical box. The lights are dual voltage‍ for multiple applications. Battery is included, just has ⁣to be plugged in once ​installed. LED bulbs are plenty bright in battery mode.” 4/5
“Installed these in my stairwell. We lose power frequently when it storms. They were easy to hookup and hook up just like any other light or fixture. As soon as they‌ lose their power connection, they light up. The batteries‌ lasted ​about ‌6 hours when I tested them, plenty ⁢long for a ⁢typical outage, and now nobody is⁤ falling​ down the stairs when​ the lights go out.” 5/5

As you can ⁣see, customers are overwhelmingly pleased with ‍the performance, ease of installation, and reliability of the FREELICHT LED Emergency Lights. From their‍ bright illumination to their long-lasting ‍battery life, these lights offer a cost-effective and practical ⁤solution for​ both residential and ‍commercial applications.

If you’re in need of a reliable emergency lighting option that​ won’t ⁣break the ​bank, the FREELICHT LED Emergency Lights are a solid choice. Trust us,‍ you won’t be disappointed!

Pros & Cons

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Pros⁢ & Cons


1.⁣ High-quality construction
2.‍ Easy installation
3. UL 924 ‌certified
4. Battery backup‍ for emergency situations
5. Adjustable LED bug eye⁤ lamp heads for ample lighting
6. 5-year warranty​ for peace of mind


1. ⁣Made in China
2. Limited color options (only white or ⁤black finish)

Despite a few minor drawbacks, the FREELICHT 4 ⁤Pack LED Emergency Lights for ⁣Business⁤ is a reliable and high-quality option for ⁣ensuring safety during ‌emergencies.


Q: Are these emergency‌ lights suitable for outdoor use?

A:‌ Yes, these​ emergency lights are suitable​ for outdoor use. They⁤ are made with high-impact resistant, weatherproof materials that make them ideal for outdoor environments.

Q: How long does the ‍battery backup ⁣last?

A: The ​high-density NiCd battery ⁣backup provides 90 minutes of temporary‍ ultra-bright ‍lighting after a power outage. This gives you plenty⁢ of time to find your way‌ to safety in‍ case of an⁤ emergency.

Q: Can these emergency lights be‌ easily installed?

A: Yes, these emergency lights are⁢ easy to install. They come with⁢ a surface mount back plate that fits most standard junction boxes and snaps into place‍ on the wall. This makes installation quick and hassle-free.

Q: Are these emergency ‍lights UL‌ certified?

A: Yes, these emergency lights are UL 924 certified, ensuring that ‌they ​meet high⁢ safety ⁣standards. You can trust that these ​lights will provide reliable and efficient emergency⁤ lighting when you​ need it most.

Q: What is the warranty on these emergency lights?

A: These emergency lights come with ‌a ​5-year warranty. ⁤If there are any ⁣quality issues with the product, we ⁤will‍ provide a replacement ⁣or refund within five ⁢years of purchase. Your satisfaction and ​safety are ⁢our top priorities.

Experience Innovation

As​ we conclude our review of the FREELICHT LED Emergency Lights, we cannot stress enough the importance of prioritizing safety in any ‌environment. With its durable construction, ⁤easy installation, high-density battery backup,‍ and adjustable LED heads, these emergency lights‌ are a reliable choice for ​any business or residential space.

With a worry-free 5-year warranty and UL 924 certification, you can trust that ​FREELICHT has your safety in ⁢mind at all‌ times. ​Don’t compromise on⁤ quality when it comes​ to​ emergency lighting‌ – choose FREELICHT for peace⁣ of mind.

Illuminate your ⁢safety today ⁣and make sure you’re prepared for any unexpected emergencies. Click ⁤here to get your FREELICHT⁤ LED Emergency Lights now!

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