Discover the Enduring Classic: Our Review of Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye

Ladies and⁣ gentlemen, gather ’round as we dive into‌ the world of footwear and explore the‍ wonders‌ of the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye, ‌Unisex, Black, Soft Toe, Slip Resistant, 6 Inch Boot (4.0 MW).⁢ We, your trusty companions⁤ on this ​journey, have been lucky enough to slip our feet into these iconic boots​ and are here ‌to share our first-hand experience with you. So buckle up, adjust your ‍laces, and prepare to step into a stylish, durable, and slip-resistant adventure like no other!

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Overview of the Dr. Martens⁤ 1460 Originals 8-Eye, Unisex, Black, ⁤Soft Toe, Slip Resistant, 6 Inch Boot (4.0 MW)

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We recently had the opportunity⁢ to test out the Dr. Martens⁢ 1460 Originals 8-Eye, Unisex, Black, Soft Toe, Slip Resistant, 6 Inch Boot (4., and we were thoroughly impressed. These boots are truly a timeless classic that lives ‌up ‌to their reputation. Here’s an overview​ of what we‌ found:

Product Dimensions:

  • Dimensions:‌ 12 ‍x 4.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds

Department: Unisex-Adult

Date First Available: August 24, 2018

Manufacturer: Dr. Martens

ASIN: B079RL8334

When it⁤ comes to style, the Dr. ‌Martens 1460 Originals‌ 8-Eye boots are a true representation of timeless fashion. The iconic black color adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The 6-inch height gives these boots a⁤ stylish edge, while ‍the soft toe design ensures maximum comfort throughout the​ day. Whether you’re dressing up or down, these boots will never let you down.

One of the‍ standout features of these boots is its slip-resistant nature. We tested them on various surfaces and ​were pleasantly ⁢surprised by their superior grip. The⁤ sturdy⁤ construction and durable materials used in these boots make them not‌ only slip-resistant but also long-lasting, ensuring that they will be a part ⁤of your wardrobe for years to come.

If you’re in the market for a⁣ versatile, stylish, and dependable‌ pair of ⁣boots, we highly recommend checking out the Dr. Martens‌ 1460 Originals 8-Eye, Unisex, Black, Soft Toe,⁤ Slip Resistant, 6 Inch Boot (4.. Give your feet⁤ the comfort and style they deserve by clicking here ⁢ to⁣ purchase.

Key ​Features and Performance of the Dr.​ Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye Boot

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The Dr. Martens 1460 Originals​ 8-Eye‌ Boot is a true icon in the footwear industry, and ⁣for good reason. ‍Its⁢ key features and⁣ performance set ⁤it apart from the rest, making it a must-have for any style-conscious individual.

First‍ and‍ foremost, the 8-eye design of this​ boot is instantly recognizable and adds a unique touch to any outfit. The black color gives it a timeless ‍and versatile⁤ appeal that can‌ be paired with anything from jeans to dresses. The soft toe provides comfort and flexibility, making​ it perfect ⁢for all-day wear. Additionally,‌ the slip-resistant feature ensures‍ stability and safety on various surfaces, making it suitable for both everyday wear and outdoor adventures.

In terms of performance, the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye Boot ⁤exceeds expectations.‌ With its 6-inch height,⁣ it‌ provides ⁤excellent ankle support without compromising on style. The durable construction and high-quality materials ensure longevity, ​allowing you to ‍enjoy ‍these boots ‌for​ years to come. Whether⁣ you’re walking through the city streets or exploring nature ⁣trails, the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye Boot will be your reliable companion.

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Detailed Insights and Comfort of the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye Boot

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When it comes to the Dr.⁤ Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye⁣ Boot, we were blown away ​by the detailed insights and exceptional ‍comfort this iconic footwear offers.⁢ The ⁤unisex design, featuring a sleek black⁣ exterior and a soft toe,‍ makes it a versatile choice⁣ for anyone looking to make a fashion statement.

One of⁢ the standout features of these ⁢boots is their slip-resistant sole, which provides a reliable grip on various surfaces. Whether we were walking on wet pavements or tackling ⁣uneven terrain, these boots⁢ kept us secure ⁣and confident. The 6-inch height adds an extra touch of style while ensuring excellent ankle support, making them ideal for all-day ‍wear.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 12 x 4.5 x 7.5 inches
Item model number 24382001
Department unisex-adult
Date First Available August 24, 2018
Manufacturer Dr. Martens
ASIN B079RL8334

If you’re looking for a durable and ⁢stylish boot that offers both fashion and function, the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye Boot is an excellent choice. Its timeless design, combined with its⁤ slip-resistant⁢ sole and comfortable‌ fit, sets ⁤it apart from other options​ on the market.

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Specific ⁤Recommendations for the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye Boot

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When it comes to the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye Boot, ‍we ​have a few specific recommendations that ⁣we believe will enhance your experience with this iconic footwear.

First, we highly recommend investing ⁣in‍ a quality pair of insoles to provide‌ extra comfort and support. While these⁢ boots are known for‌ their durability, adding insoles can help ‍reduce ⁢any potential discomfort during long hours ‌of wear. Additionally, it can provide cushioning and alleviate any pressure points, ensuring your feet stay happy and comfortable throughout ⁣the day.

Secondly, we suggest ⁢regularly⁣ treating your boots with a leather conditioner. This⁢ will⁤ not only help maintain the boots’ longevity but also keep the ⁢leather looking its⁣ best. With proper care, the soft, smooth ⁣leather of the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals ⁤8-Eye Boot will continue to age beautifully over time, developing a unique and personalized‌ patina.

Overall, ​we‍ believe these recommendations will help maximize your experience with the ⁣Dr. Martens‌ 1460 Originals 8-Eye Boot, allowing you to fully enjoy their timeless style, ‍unmatched durability, ⁢and‍ undeniable comfort. ​Ready to get your hands on a pair? Check them out⁢ on Amazon now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Discover the Enduring Classic: Our Review of Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye插图4

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing several customer reviews, we have gathered valuable insights about ​the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye boots. Here is a⁤ summary of ‌the key points:

Positive reviews

Bought as a gift and realized after that this has ⁢a newer​ improved sole pattern, not noticeable but better! Quality Doc Martens as ‌always!
I brought⁢ these for​ my granddaughter ‍she has a tiny foot but everything was perfect with these boots the width was just right.
The part by ​the toes is like really tight on⁤ my right shoe⁤ but other than that these fit ⁤really well and are an amazing shoe!!
Love love​ love my‌ boots! I can dress them up or down. ⁣First time having a ⁢pair of docs since high school. Very happy!
Granddaughter loved them! She’s 11.
Great pair of boots.

These positive reviews highlight the exceptional quality⁢ and versatility of the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye boots. Customers appreciate the ‌improved ⁣sole pattern, comfortable fit, and the ability to dress them up or down for any occasion.

Negative reviews

The boots were the worst⁢ purchase I’ve made‌ in years!! The boots are not the same⁣ size, the right boot is⁢ significantly‍ tighter and smaller than the ⁢left! It‌ makes for a very uncomfortable experience as they say to size down then the ‍right shoe is even smaller! I will ‍never recommend ⁢this brand to anyone ever!!!‌ Don’t⁤ waste the money!
I ⁢work as a barista and after burning through so many pairs ‍of shoes I was excited to try these. I’ve had them a little over 3 months and the grips are already‍ worn away. Overall, the fit was snug on the top of ⁢my foot and they are comfortable once broken in. I just wish the grip wasn’t already trashed.

While ⁤most customers had positive experiences with these boots, there ​were a couple ‌of negative⁣ reviews. One customer encountered⁤ a‍ sizing issue where the right boot⁤ was significantly tighter and smaller than the left, leading to an uncomfortable experience. Another customer,⁢ who ⁣works as a barista, mentioned ‌that the grips of the boots wore away within‍ 3 months of use, which was disappointing.

Overall, the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye‌ boots ⁣have garnered mostly positive reviews, praising their quality, style, and comfortable fit. ⁢However, it’s important⁣ to consider the sizing consistency and grip durability factors mentioned‍ in the negative reviews before making a purchase decision.

Pros & Cons


  1. Durable and long-lasting: The Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye boots are built to withstand everyday wear and tear, thanks to‍ their high-quality construction and ⁣genuine leather material. These boots⁤ can last⁤ for years, making them a great investment.
  2. Comfortable fit:⁣ The boots​ feature a soft toe, which ⁣provides ample ‌room for your toes to move and prevents discomfort. They also‌ come with a 4.0 MW width option, ensuring a comfortable fit for those with wider feet.
  3. Slip-resistant sole: The slip-resistant sole provides excellent traction, making these boots ideal for various environments, including slippery surfaces. You ​can walk with confidence, knowing that you’re ‍less likely to slip⁤ and fall.
  4. Stylish and versatile: The classic ⁤8-eye design of these Dr. Martens boots is iconic and timeless.⁤ They can effortlessly complement a range of outfits,⁣ from casual jeans and a t-shirt to a dressed-up ensemble.
  5. Unisex design: These boots are suitable for both men ⁤and women, making them a⁤ versatile option for anyone.


  • Heavier weight: Due to their⁤ durable ‍construction and materials, ⁤the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals ⁢8-Eye boots are slightly heavier compared to​ other footwear options. If you prefer lightweight shoes,‍ these may not be the best choice for you.
  • Break-in period: Some users have reported that these boots require ‌a break-in ⁣period to fully conform to your feet. Initially, they may feel stiff, which can cause discomfort until they are properly broken in.
  • Higher price point: The quality and ⁤reputation of‌ Dr. Martens come at a ‍price. These boots may be more expensive ‌compared to‍ other similar styles ​on the market. However, considering their durability and longevity, they can be seen as a worthwhile investment.



  1. Are these boots true ‍to size?
    Yes, the‌ Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye boots are⁢ known‌ to run‍ true to size.‍ However, keep⁣ in mind that they may feel ​a bit⁢ snug at first,​ especially around the toe area. As you break them in, the leather will soften and ⁢mold to your feet, providing a comfortable fit.

  2. Are these boots suitable for people with wide feet?
    Yes, these Dr. Martens‍ boots are designed to cater to a wide range of foot sizes, ⁤including those with⁣ wider feet. The 4.0 MW size option ensures a⁤ more​ generous width, allowing for a comfortable fit even for individuals with wider feet.

  3. How is ‌the slip resistance of these boots?
    The Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye ⁣boots feature a slip-resistant sole, making‍ them suitable for various challenging terrains⁢ and surfaces. Whether you’re walking on wet or slick floors, you can have peace of mind knowing that⁤ these boots provide excellent traction to⁤ prevent slips and falls.

  4. Can these boots be worn by both men ‍and women?
    Yes, absolutely! The Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye boots are unisex, ‍so⁣ they are suitable for both men and women. The timeless‍ design and classic black color make them versatile enough to be worn by anyone, regardless of gender.

  5. How durable are ⁣these boots?
    Dr. Martens is renowned for ‍its high-quality construction and durable footwear, and these 1460​ Originals 8-Eye boots are no exception. They are crafted with​ the⁣ brand’s‍ signature Goodyear welt, which enhances their durability and allows ⁣for easy resoling.‌ With proper care and maintenance, these boots can last you⁣ for ‍years to come.

  6. Are these boots suitable for ‍everyday‍ use‍ or just for specific occasions?
    These Dr. Martens boots are incredibly versatile⁣ and can be worn for various occasions. Whether you’re​ heading to work, going⁣ out with friends, or ⁢attending a casual event, these boots will elevate your style while providing ⁢comfort and durability. They‍ can be a great addition to your everyday footwear collection.

  7. Can these boots‌ be worn for long periods⁣ without discomfort?
    Yes, once broken in, the Dr.‌ Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye boots offer exceptional comfort, even when worn for extended periods. While they may feel slightly stiff initially, the leather will gradually soften and‍ create a customized fit that molds to ⁢your​ feet. Just give them a little time⁣ to break in, and you’ll⁢ be⁤ rewarded‌ with⁤ long-lasting comfort.

  8. How do I take care of these‌ boots?
    To maintain the quality and appearance of your Dr. Martens boots, it’s important to clean and condition them regularly. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt or⁤ debris, and apply a quality leather conditioner to keep the ‌leather hydrated‌ and ⁣prevent it from drying​ out. Additionally, you may​ want ⁢to invest in a shoe brush to restore and shine the boots’ ⁢surface. Following these simple steps will help ‌ensure your boots remain in ​excellent condition for years to come.

We hope this Q&A section has provided valuable insights into the Dr. Martens 1460 Originals‍ 8-Eye boots. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask ‍in the comments ‌below!

Experience the Difference

In conclusion, we‍ are thrilled to share ⁤our⁣ review of⁤ the iconic⁢ Dr. Martens 1460 Originals ‍8-Eye ⁤boots. These unisex, black, soft toe, slip-resistant boots are truly ⁤a timeless classic that continues⁢ to make a lasting impression.

With ⁣its sturdy construction and meticulous attention to detail, these boots are built to withstand ⁢the test of time. The 6-inch height provides excellent ankle support, making them perfect for ‍any adventure or everyday wear. Whether you’re rocking them with jeans,⁤ dresses, or skirts, these boots effortlessly elevate your style.

Not only⁢ do these boots offer a ⁢fashionable statement, but they also prioritize comfort. The cushioned insole and ⁣durable sole provide all-day comfort, while the‌ slip-resistant ⁣feature ensures stability on any surface. ​They truly are a reliable companion for those long‌ walks or unpredictable weather days.

Overall, we are thoroughly impressed ​by the Dr. Martens 1460 ​Originals 8-Eye ‌boots. From their timeless design to their ⁣exceptional quality, ⁢these⁤ boots⁣ are worth every penny. They ⁣effortlessly combine style and functionality, making ‌them ‍a must-have addition to any shoe collection.

If you’re ready to experience the⁤ enduring classic that⁢ is the Dr. ⁤Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye ‍boots, click here to check out⁢ this fantastic product on ​Amazon: Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye boots. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

So, what are ⁢you waiting for? Step into style and comfort with Dr.​ Martens 1460 Originals 8-Eye boots today!

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